Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Success! Finding a Job Failure!

Thanksgiving was a success!  The turkey came out scrum-diddly-umptious, there were no major blow out fights, and every thanks giving blooper we had we managed to salvage.  Ahhh yeah that's right!  Our turkey did not burn nor did it blow up!  Trust me there were family members rooting for this to happen.  Not that they were being malicious.  My aunt just wanted us with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving and my mom just has a twisted sense of humor.

Hey I never claimed that I came from a normal family.

So after getting over the Thanksgiving - I ate entirely too much food - coma, which somehow seemed to last about three days, I wound up going back to my job search.  I'm putting in applications, handing out resume's and doing my best to find something that's going to pay the bills.  That and ya know, buy food.  That stuff we like to eat.  To survive.

I'm getting sidetracked.

There was a job fair today.  I went. They lied.  Honestly not one of the vendors that they said were going to be there were there.  It was mostly no name companies (which I don't mind working for), but they were basically all looking for sales people.  I don't mind doing that either. However there were only about six booths and two or three of them were educational places.  Smallest job fair ever.

Then again it was the first one I've been to so I can't really say I've got something else to compare it too.  Still a few people said they're going to be giving me a call. We'll see if it happens of if they were so politely declining to give me a job.

I really hate being out of work.


Michael Offutt, Expert Critic said...

Sorry you are having trouble finding work. I hope the economy improves soon so that everyone can get extra money and obtain the things that they need.

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