Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving

Brian and I have had a string of bad luck with illnesses and other general 'we're in a recession and have no money' incidents. This is the first Thanksgiving we're having in our own place.  So of course we said we have to cook. Neither of us have ever cooked a Turkey before, so we're using his mom's cookbook (which is pretty much his cooking bible and he holds it pretty close because his mom died when he was 15) and we've been going through the Thanksgiving steps this morning.

Let me just say that had someone not told me take my turkey out of the freezer on Sunday I'd probably be working with a frozen turkey.  I had no plans to take it out until yesterday. So we were saved on that one.

I knew about taking the giblets out.  My daddy is a good old country boy.  I'm generally pretty good with cooking meat, but I've also heard a hundred horror stories about people forgetting to take out the giblets.

Brian and I go to do this, and he only finds a neck.  He's adamant there are no giblets.  I'm adamant there are.  You don't get a turkey without giblets.  So finally after violating the turkey cavity victory is ours and he's found the giblets.

While we're oiling, seasoning, and stuffing the turkey I decide to start hardboiling the eggs so we can make some deviled eggs. 

Before I continue let me go back.

Thanksgiving Blunder #1 - While trying to get the plastic wrap out of the cupboard I spilled coffee all over the floor.

Not to horrible, but still it's a blunder and will be counted as such.

Thanksgiving Blunder #2 - While stuffing and seasoning the turkey I forgot all about the fact that I was boiling eggs.  Can you guess what happened?  Yup, that's right.  They exploded.  Brian is currently at the store getting more - wait strike that.  I just heard the car.  Brian is currently returning with new eggs.  Wish us well on round two of the deviled eggs.


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