Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exclamation Marks!Hyper!Mojo Monkey!

Word Of The Day

I was lost for a week!  Okay well almost a week.  Close enough!  Where did the time go?  See what happens when I don't post for one day!  Okay enough with the exclamation marks!  That was the last one I promise.

So a week has come and gone.  What do I have to report on?  The writing side has not been going well, but I was sick.  It was one of those I feel disgusting and don't want to get out of bed type sicknesses where your body is achy and feeble feeling. 

However I have recovered and my usual spunk has come along with it.  Which means my darlings, do expect regular postings from me again.

First off, congrats to all you winners of the Crusader's Challenge!  Excellent job!  I applaud thee of thy excellence.

I'm not sure if I've had sugar tonight or if it's just the fact that I feel so much better!  I have so much energy.

Maybe it's a combination? 

Tomorrow is Sunday which means I will finally get the delayed Sunday Scribblings up.  Woohoo!  Yay for scribblings!  Hopefully my muse will be around this week now that I'm feeling like a normal human being instead of a half dead zombie and I'll actually get something decent written.  

Onto the word of the day.  Honestly, I'm stumped on how to use that one in a sentence for this particular post.


a reversal in policy : about-face

Now, I understand the meaning and context.  Maybe my brain is still recovering from being sick.  I'm not sure, but for whatever reason I can't not think of a suitable way to incorporate this into my blog post.  Mind you this post is mostly gibberish, but hey whatever works to get my writing mojo flowing again.

It's the Mojo Monkey! 

I know this post is wild and chaotic and probably doesn't make much sense.  I'm just happy to be feeling alive again!  It's ALIVE!!! Mwahahahaha. 

And I'm going now.


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