Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Just Another Manic Monday....

So, I'm more than likely going to be a Monday through Friday blogger.  The weekends seem to take my brain on joy ride that I have no control over.  Meaning that if I did manage to post on Saturday and or Sunday it would be complete gibberish.  I know most of posts now are mostly gibberish, so I really don't want to add to it.

Mondays are my least favorite days.  I've never liked Mondays.  I will probably never like Mondays.  Mondays are the bane of my existence and should be wiped from the calendar.  Too much?  I tend to go a little overboard sometimes.

Anyways, so after taking care of things around the house I sit down and have managed to break my writers block. 

I wrote a paragraph.

Now to be fair, I'm not sure if it would have continued flowing or not, because, and this never fails, as soon as I sat down to write, something happens.  For instance.  We have a massive storm coming in.  Rain storm. I'm a Florida girl.  Never seen snow.  It's very dark outside, the wind is howling like crazy and thunder is rumbling in the sky.  I live on seven acres of land and I have three dogs.  They have a doggy door and go in and out as they please.  So, when we have crazy storms I have to round up the posse and bring them inside, closing off the doggy door.  Yes, they will run outside in thunder storms.  It makes them all frisky and suddenly they've forgotten how to come when you call them.  Safer just to get them in before the downpour begins.

See, now I've left my room and I'm visible to the rest of the household which means they have now thought of a hundred and one things they want me to do.  Now this could be anything from having a conversation with them to taking out the trash or finding something that's gone amiss.  Eventually I find a way to slink back to my room, but then the muse is gone.  Apparently my allotted time was up and she has moved on to her next client for the day.

So, here's the plan.  I'm going to work out.  I'm going to cook dinner.  I'm going to do a bit of family time.  Then I'm going to sit down in front of my computer and print out a sign that says 'Disturb At Your Own Risk'.  If someone dares to come in here and start bugging me I may very well soak all their underwear and stick it in the freezer.  That's even being generous.

So how do you get people to stop bugging you when you're trying to write?


Have Mercy! Killer Reviews said...

I wish I could put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign, but my daughter would probably just scream and cry.

Alleged Author said...

Good luck getting the time to write! It sounds like you have quite the busy life. Maybe some wine will go well with those paragraphs... :)

Jarmara Falconer said...

I close my door & then they know I'm out of bounds. But then I only have a son and a husband and they are both old enough to look after themselves, well I hope.:-)

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

There's no one in my household, but my husband and me, and the internet. The internet bugs me and there's really no way around it. It like, calls to me. But once I start writing, I'm good to go.

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