Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Truths Explained And The Lie Revealed.

Word Of The Day

When I came out of my just-waking-up-sleepy-time fog this morning I realized I have over a hundred followers!  I'm gushing over here!  Thank you guys so much (and especially Rach since without her Crusade I doubt I'd have a fraction of that!)  I've been going through and trying to comment on your blogs.  So many interesting posts, so little time!  

I also woke up this morning with my right arm extremely sore.  I'm not sure what happened really.  The only thing I can figure is that I somehow slept on it oddly.  It's making sitting at my desk with my arms on the surface a bit painful.  I hate taking medicine so I've avoided taking any IBuprofens, but it's really becoming bothersome now.  I may have too at some point or I'm not going to get much of anything done.

The Revealing Of The Lie

Mostly all of what I said was true.  I have always bitten my nails since I was a little girl.  Whether I picked it up by aping my mother or it came to me on my own, I don't know, but it's always been there.  My husband has been trying to get my feminine side to come out (as I am the t-shirt and jeans wearing woman) a bit more so I started doing my nails myself.  I now substitute chipping off nail polish instead of biting my nails all the way down to the beds.  So far so good.

The secret was always true.  I very much try to carry the weight of the stress so my loved ones don't have too.  It's just the way I am.  I take after my dad in the aspect.  We're both very calm in chaotic situations, doing what needs to be down and then breaking down about it later if need be.  

An honest person indeed I am.  I've never been one to keep the truth from someone for fear of hurting their feelings.  When a female friend asks if a dress makes her look fat, I'll answer honestly.  If it makes her look fat I'm going to say so.  What's the point of lying?  Then when you go out and she finds out from someone else that the dress hugs her in ways that are no where near flattering she's going to be pissed at me.  If you can't hear the truth from your friends...well who are you going to hear it from?  My husband and I are in agreement that this is my best character trait.

Peeing before sex.  Yes, it's true.  It's an odd quirk.  Apparently it doesn't matter where we are, what time of day it is, or if I'm so dehydrated that my lips are cracked and my tongue feels like sandpaper.  I will pee before sex!  So yes, it is true!

I LOVE musicals! As a child and still as an adult I have an edacious addiction to them. I was raised on them and when there's nothing on TV, I tend to pop in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Grease. This is where the lie comes in though.  I honestly thought that though it was subtle, it would be easily picked up on.  In my experience, it is that us of the fairer sex, tend to enjoy musicals a lot more than men.  I secretly think they like it, but don't say so because they're worried it'll ruin their manly image. 

Have you figured out the lie yet? 

My father was not the one who played them over and over for me.  It was my mother.  When Mamma Mia came out on DVD she played it over and over again.  I can't count how many times I have looked like a fool dancing with her to 'Dancing Queen.'  

There you have it.  Truths sorted from lies and a bit of embarrassing information about me as a bonus.


Carol Riggs said...

Big congrats, buddy Crusader, for topping 100! I just topped 200 and am having a giveaway. :) (Hey, I can't see how many you have now; it doesn't show up against the black/violet...)

Happy Wednesday!

Tanya Reimer said...

Made me giggle. Needed that today. Thanks for the fun post. FYI-- It's better to pee before sex than get half way into it and have to ruin the moment.
Still giggling over here.

Regina said...

Now I want to dance around to Mama Mia. How funny is that. I can picture it now and the song is now embedded in my brain. :)

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