Friday, February 18, 2011

Karma - What Goes Around, Comes Around

I think I must have done something that Karma is getting me for.  Why? Because in two days I have burned myself twice.  In two totally different ways.  Same hand different fingers.  These things are supposed to come in three's.  It makes me wary to go near anything that gets hot. 

The first time I was straightening my hair and my bangs were in my face.  I thought I went to grab the hot iron on the handle, but apparently I missed, and my thumb hooked around the fiery ceramic plate.  I was not amused.

The second time was just a little while ago.  I was cooking a sirloin on the grill.  I went to grab the handle and somehow the knuckle on my pinky finger hit the roof of the grill.  Again, not amused.

Now don't get me wrong.  These aren't significant burns.  So I'm thinking that whatever Karma is getting me for couldn't have been too bad.  My pinky is just a little red, no swelling or anything.  It stings a bit, but nothing of note.  The only question is which finger will be next?!

Note to self: Be careful around things that get hot!

Of course I could always look on the bright side and imagine that my fingers are being burned because they're getting heated up to write something epic!  See positive side to everything!

Speaking of, time to get some writing time in.


Heather Hellmann said...

Ouch! I hope it doesn't happen a third time.

Kristal Lee said...

Ouwee...I have a habit of burning my fingers when I'm cooking. I need to get an aloe plant for the kitchen windowsill.

I'm a fellow crusader and Floridian. :)

Zan Marie said...

Ouch! I'm forever doing that! Grab the hot thing no matter what! I'm a Crusader and returning a visit and a following. See you around.

Catherine Ensley said...

Hi there fellow Crusader, I'm stopping by to say hi and to follow you. Sorry about the burns!

Amanda Milner said...

Ouch! Lol! I am constantly hurting myself too. Wait, does that mean I am constantly pissing off Karma?!?! Uh oh.
Fellow Crusader saying hi☺

Julie Musil said...

I cringed when I read about the curling iron. I've done the same thing and man, it hurts. I love your positive spin on it...I hope your fingers burn up the keyboard!

Pk Hrezo said...

Hi there. Nice to meet you. I do believe in karma, but also I believe that sometimes, we just get burned because that's life. No karma. Just accidents. :)

Sully's Scribbles said...

Gah! So many Crusaders! I'm clicking to follow you all as fast as I can! <3

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