Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Procrastinator's of the World Unite!......Tomorrow!

Word of The Day 

Gah!  I feel like I'm so behind!  I still haven't gotten my Crusader's Challenge done.  :(  I know, I know.  No time like the present.  Especially since I'm writing up a blog post when I could be doing the challenge.  Anything I say will be an excuse.  I know that.  I could say it's because I've been cleaning like a fiend, prepping dinner for tonight, or the fact that the phone has been ringing wildly off the hook.  All excuses.  None of them good.

I am really good at procrastinating. Which is really bad for writing.

In other news, I've followed all of you Crusaders.  (I think!) So, if you're a Crusader and you come to my blog, and for whatever reason I may have skipped you just let me know.  I'll scamper right on over and make sure that's corrected.

Looking at the first Crusader's Challenge and reading through some of the blogs, I feel like my vocabulary isn't as diverse as it could be.  It's not that I don't know big words.  I do.  I just think I could learn more and maybe add some into my writing.  Thus I have started getting the Word of The Day from Merriam-Webster.

It's easy to sign up for.  Free, and each day I'll get a new word in my email.  Some I may know.  Some I may not. 

The goal will be to somehow finagle that word into my blog post each day.  Hopefully in the right context. It's a neat little personal challenge. I figured some of you other bloggers or Crusaders out there might find it congenial and decide to do it for yourself.  It’s always good to expand your vocabulary!

Okay, okay!  I'll go work on my Crusader's Challenge!  No more procrastinating!  Twist my arm why don't you! 


Alleged Author said...

It will be interesting to read blog posts containing that new word. Ha on using the first one! Good way to work it in. :)

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