Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Nemesis The Sun....And Intimidation

So when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is brush my teeth and hair, wash my face and sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee and check over my email, blog, etc, etc.  Coffee is optional pending on how awake I feel at the time.  Either way at the beginning of my day, I'm usually sitting here wondering... How am I going to make my brain function today?  Honestly it seems that when the suns up, my brain is asleep.  It could explain why I have such a hard time falling, and staying asleep at night.  It could also explain why I tend to write more when the moon is out.

I think the sun may be my nemesis.

Then, sitting here, reading over the new blog posts this morning, I realized something.  Having a new blog can feel very intimidating.  It isn't that the people aren't welcoming or inviting, but rather, I've realized just how well some of them can write.  Then as I go to my do my posts, I suddenly feel like a complete novice.

I don't claim to have any major knowledge of writing.  It's just something I do.  If I think about something too hard, I tend to screw it up, so trying to write an article about the intricacies of writing would just come off as one long piece of malarkey.  Honestly, I'm not a critical thinker.  I'm a person who goes off instincts.  Even with my stories, if I think too far ahead I have a tendency to get frustrated and angry because it's not going the way I want it.

Then I look through the blogs and everyone's words seem so eloquent and the advice is wonderful.  I look back at my blog and wonder what it is I have to offer besides musings and more often than not, horribly written short stories.

It's a good question.  One I'm not sure I have an answer to.  Maybe it's because my brain is still trying to wake up, or maybe the rays from the sun are blocking any coherent thoughts from forming.  I'm not sure.  All I can say for now, is that I guess it doesn't really matter to me what people think.  In the writing world, I am a novice.  This blog is to help me learn and grow as a writer.  Maybe even as a person.  It would be hard to go through the journey alone, and maybe having joined a community of other writers and want-to-be writers will help me in that process.


Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

no worries about how eloquently you write the advice. I write like a drunken clown on my blog, and people still read

Sully's Scribbles said...

LOL it's the intimidation factor! I'm trying not to let it get to me! Thanks for the follow by the way! :)

Alleged Author said...

I think you have a wonderful blog. We all feel intimidated at one time or another! :)

Sully's Scribbles said...

*blushes* Nwahh thank you!

Have Mercy! Killer Reviews said...

You, my friend, are an excellent writer. I know this firsthand, and I think with some time and practice you will perfect it.

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